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The Wonderful World of BLA!

Who even reads these subtitles?

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13 May
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Okay, a minibiography.. I can do this. I don't promise something spectacular, or even remotely interesting, but here goes. I'm a snior in college, at good ole Shippensburg university. I'm currently studying English with a minor in Theatre and since that hasn't change in three years I'm pretty sure that's what i'm doing with my life. I like all sorts of thing, Placebo, music in general, Theatre (Neil Simon is my god). I like to roleplay (groan, i'm a geek, sorry) and I occassionally attempt to be witty but normally end up being self deprecatory. So this is me, lock stock and barrel.
art, books, dali, hitchcock, monet heinlein, monkeys, my bed, my bookcase, my cool spinning lamp, my theatre classes, orange soda, pencils, placebo, poetry, pretty pictures, reading, red pens, rollerblading, staind, stars, theatre, writing

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